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March 30th 2008

Channel 4 News

SNP considering web domain plans

Sunday Times

Scotland seeks its own internet domain name

Sunday Telegraph

Scotland ‘to get its own internet domain suffix’

The Galloway Gazette

Plans for Scottish web domain name


Plans for Scottish web domain name  

November 27th 2005

Scots Join The Dots Online
By Alan Crawford 

For those Scots internet users who grit their teeth while having to type out the suffix .uk, help may soon be at hand. 

Moves are under way to establish a .sco – or “dotSCO”, as it has become known – internet domain name for organisations promoting the Scots language or Scottish culture [read more]

November 29th 2005

Calls for dot Scot web identity

Signposting a proud language on the internet
By Rob Gibson 

The internet has revolutionised the way we learn, share information, communicate and identify ourselves in an increasingly globalised world. Recent moves by Catalan language and culture campaigners have shown that in spite of this, there is still a way to hae yer ain tung heard on the web. 

The “puntCAT” campaign has recently succeeded in…[read more]

December 4th 2005

Scots on the Wab
fae the Scots Tung

A campaign curn gaun unner the name o dotSCO haes furthset a wabsteid on tae gether in support an encouragement for its cause. They haud tae the consait that the Scots language an culture is a commonty that shuid be identified wi its ain domain on the Warld Wide Wab. Unner a .SCO domain thae organisations, companies an fowk that expresses thirsels in the Scots language an/or ettles tae forder an uphaud Scots culture will be able tae be registered an thair cleeks wi the language an culture will be weel seen bi awbody. The campaign follaes on frae the successfu yin cairried oot bi the Catalans in winnin recognition for thair .CAT domain. Hae a wee keek intae the abuin wabsteid an gie thaim yer support if ye agree that oor language an culture shuid hae a kenspeckle identity in the electronic warld o the twenty-first century.

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