Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we want a .SCO?

Because we believe that the Scots Community of Interest online, Scottish Culture and Scotland’s languages deserve to be represent and easily identifiable through a sponsored community top level domain (TLD) on the internet. Under a .SCO domain those organisations, companies and individuals that express themselves in Scotland’s languages and/or wish to encourage, support or indentify with Scots culture or community of interest will be able to be register a clearly identifiable domain.

Can cultures and languages have top-level domains?

There a number of different types of TLD. There are country-code TLDs – like .IE for Ireland or .DE for Germany; Generic TLDs – like .com or .org; Sponsored TLDs –like .coop for cooperatives and .museum for museums. In 2006 puntCAT successfully achieved a .CAT ‘community’ TLD for the  Catalan community of interest online, language and culture – dotSCO have a very strong basis for a attaining a Community TLD. 

Who is behind the push for .SCO?

The name of the organisation that is in support of .SCO is called ‘dotSCO’.  dotSCO has worked since November of 2005 to build support for the creation of a TLD for the Scots Community of Interest online. We have formed dotSCO as a not-for-profit limited company to act as the delivery vehicle for achieving the new TLD. We have gathered support from individuals, groups, organisations and companies from around the world for our efforts – we are, though, always keen to gather more support. 

How can I support dotSCO?

Just send us an email to to register your support. If you have a website or a blog you can also link to this website or place a ‘I’m Supporting dotSCO’ button on your site (available in the ‘lend your support’ section.) 

When are you going to make the bid for the dotSCO TLD?

We are currently waiting for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to announce when they will accept applications for new TLDs. It is widely expected that this will be in the second quarter of 2009. Whenever ICANN make the announcement we will be ready and that we can help give the Scots community of interest, Scottish culture and Scotland’s languages their place in the World…Wide Web!