Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we support swing?

What was once considered wife swapping in the past, swinging has grown to include a wide range of sexual activities. Also known as the Lifestyle, it is a broad term that refers to engaging in varying degrees of non-monogamous sex.

Is it for couples only?

Being single has certain drawbacks. While single woman will, for the most part, have no problem finding a couple to play with, women drawn to the Lifestyle tend to be more interested in being part of a couple, than being the third in a threesome. For single men, anyone in the Lifestyle will tell you, they greatly outweigh that amount of couples who are interested in them. Besides being on the negative side of supply and demand there is also another inherent problem for single males. Single men carry an impression that either they can’t find a regular partner or that they are swinging outside of a relationship. Both are not exactly a turn-on for couples involved in the Lifestyle.